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Level One Network
by Enzo G WorkWithEnzo.com

LevelOne Network Dominates Search Engines Empower Doesn’t

By on June 19, 2013
Search engine domination

 LevelOne Network Why It Dominates Search Engines

I wanted to share this video on how the levelone network dominates search engines with page ranking on the first page. I have been the using the levelone network for a while now I decided to make this video below to help you understand what it takes to rank in search engines. The thing is before I started using the level one network I was using the program called Empower Network. It is a similar blogging platform but it just didn’t have what I was looking for. I blogged for a whole year and I had no direction on how to rank in search engines. The company claims if you blog daily you will start to get massive amounts of rankings. Although this may be true if you own you own blog it’s a little harder when you’re using someone else’s domain name  and blogging platform. I have seen a lot of blog post on this network drop down in rank. I don’t care how popular or great you site is ranked it does’t mean if you put a blog post up it will rank on the first page just by how great your domain is. Thats just not going to happen.

The truth of the matter is that there is a method you need to use to get page ranking on the first page of search engines. With the LevelOne Network you will learn how to leverage your blogs and set them up in a way to form a campaign that helps your over all post rank higher in search engines. Most blogging networks are not made to benefit the blogger but with the level one network it is . The thing is with the levelone network when you post a blog its is displayed on the first page of the website rewarding you not the company that owns the network. The benefits of this alone are just amazing. This is the difference between the empower network and level one network and is why I decided to write a review along with this video.

Watch this video and see what everyone is saying.. I have included testimonials from our team freedom group which is group that runs level one network filled with leaders in this industry. Some of our team members are recruiting new members daily and this website is still fresh and new. That also a great reason to consider level one network . With empower network unless you have  really big list or with a big team its going to be really difficult to succeed. Its very easy to fall for all the hype. Dont get me wrong there is plenty of people doing well with empower but if your like myself then you’re not one of them either.

I can talk about so much but I left this for my personal blog so after your done here check out my personal blog and see the difference of the levelone network and empower network. Im pretty sure once you see this review you will understand everything there is to know about blogging online with the levelone network .

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