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by Enzo G WorkWithEnzo.com

Back linking your blogs with Social Monkee

By on March 26, 2013

Building Unique BackLinks with Social Monkee

Why is Social Monkee your Instant linking building Solution! You can Easily build 25 UNIQUE backlinks to your pages every day! Sign up SocialMonkee now , if you want to start generating quality inbound links to your site today let me let you in on a little secret. You wanted to know my secret to back linking all my sites? its this simple. Even though I use other tools out there for back linking one of the best services I found to work amazing was Social Monkee. This service uses Unique IP address which is very important when back linking to your site. The last thing you want is Google to down grade your site because its getting submissions from the same IP address. This is mainly why I think I have see in a huge rise in my search traffic. Having different IP addresses linking to your site will come across as natural and Google loves that. If you link the same website thousands of times from the Same IP address i can assure you Google will notice and downgrade your site. This is exactly what happen to me when I first got started with back linking. It took me a while to get things back to normal. I remember using a a few different software’s not knowing what I was doing . It’s very important to stay as natural as possible when submitting your backlinks to any service. Along with being natural Social Monkee also the option to submit your backlinks over 30 days ! This is great cause it automatically submits your backlinks daily. I have the upgraded version to submit back links over 150 days. This is works great with the over 30 day submissions because I’m submitting content constantly over a 30 day period. I also schedule links every day with the built in scheduler. Now, I’m setting up this to work for me ! Once I set this up I forget about it and let it do its thing building me back links every day.

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